About Us

About Us

"Unfussy English Furniture and good quality, clean,simple Taxidermy," is how Alexander von Westenholz describes his look, and his shop at 297 Lillie Rd, London has a good show of both.

Alexander had already served fifteen years in the trade (from working at Sothebys to picture framing, and a good, long stint for a well known dealer on Pimlico Rd) and the shop, which opened in 2009, was a natural progression.

Light oak, late 19thC furniture of simple form is most evident, complimented by ornithological and sporting books and prints and general and often unusual decorative objects, many with a leaning toward Natural History. But the cases of birds and antelope busts are perhaps the most obvious:

"I have always been attracted to taxidermy as an art form and I try to source and buy the best; I really think it can compliment both the furniture and overall decoration of a room whatever the style."

The latest AVW website has been developed very much with today's importance of online presence in mind. It is updated as soon as new stock lands in the shop but please do call or email for more information on any item or "subscribe" for occasional stock updates.